The Ladies: Now available for pre-order!

My novel, The Ladies, out October 21st, is now available for pre-order, directly from Noemi Press (also available from SPD and Amazon upon release).

In THE LADIES, a trio of professional mourners contemplates their fate, while their days are consumed by the various rituals of grief and an intense hunger that never seems to be sated. The chorus-like quality of the narrative offers the haunting element of the mythological, where past and present merge and become nearly indistinguishable. In dream-like, crystalline prose, this novel interrogates the complexity of existence, of mourning, of identity, of origins.

Advance Praise for THE LADIES:

The Ladies reads like a fever dream you wake from hungrily and fall to feasting–fall to dreaming again, hoping to return to the birds and the buckets, to rain and stones and confusions of being, to the marvelously muddied frontier between the living and the dead. Sara Veglahn gives us a lush, thingy, ethereal world all her very own.

–Noy Holland


From the chrysalis-tomb comes this chorus, these ladies, with voices of green fire and river ice. They speak to us, the living, the as-yet-unwept, of the death world behind the glass and beneath the waves, at the end of night, and they lull, and they terrify. Sara Veglahn’s writing gives the crocus a tongue of flame. The Ladies, her latest novel, is a distillate of our dreams and nightmares, a bright offering. To read is to break the surface, to begin the sinking, to find in any moment a great distance opening like a hole in the known.     

–Joanna Ruocco


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New Novel Forthcoming from Noemi Press


I’m over the moon that the wonderful Noemi Press will be publishing my novel, The Ladies, and humbled to be among such remarkable writers.


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Some thoughts on Danielle Dutton’s new novel, Margaret the First



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Recently, I had the pleasure of writing down some thoughts on Mairead Case’s new novel, See You in the Morning:

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A recent interview/conversation with Selah Saterstrom:

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Book trailer for The Mayflies

Video by Griffith Morgan
Audio by Gillian Waggoner

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The Mayflies: Available April 15, 2014 from Dzanc Books



Obsessed with bodies of water and haunted by a chorus of mysterious ladies, the unnamed protagonist desperately searches to find out what is real and what is a dream. A deep and vivid exploration of the passageway between life and death, The Mayflies is a lyrical and haunting look at loneliness, isolation, and what it truly means to move on.


“There is a hole in Sara Veglahn’s, The Mayflies, as deep as an arm is long and full of water. I keep returning to this hole, which seems dug from the wondrous dirt of Werner Herzog’s Kaspar Hauser and filled with fierce water, albeit fresh, drawn from Virginia Woolf’s The Waves.  Like these works — and I am well aware of what it is I am implying: Veglahn is a brilliant writer and this is a brilliant book — The Mayflies is full of mystery and illumination, fear and hope, the very dark and the very light. ” -Laird Hunt, author of Kind OneRay of the StarIndiana, Indiana

“Inside of this work, you will hear your own heart beat. A book of saturations, the cloud-sea of parts that constellate into birth charts that we jump through: here is a text offering entry into the silence between the tick and the tock, which is none other than a door, opening to the mystery of being and having been. A primer for consulting invisible logics and divining disturbances, The Mayflies compassionately approaches ways we might survive our repetitions and find our way home. It is a profound work of literature.” Selah Saterstrom, author of The Pink Institution and The Meat and Spirit Plan

“The first time I heard Sara Veglahn read, I was blown away – and I am grateful to say her writing holds up just as mind-blowingly on the page.   The  Mayflies is a mytho-biography of a species, a gender, a landscape, an ecosystem.  From the stuff of water and mud and flesh and time and words, Veglahn crafts a genesis story that both explains and opens a mystery.  This is a beautiful book.” Rebecca Brown, author of American RomancesThe Gifts of the BodyHaunted Houses


Sara Veglahn is the author of the chapbooks The Ladies: an excerpt (New Herring Press, 2013), Another Random Heart (Letter Machine Editions, 2009) and Closed Histories (Noemi Press, 2008). Her work has been published in various journals, including Conjunctions, Web Conjunctions, Fence, 1913: A Journal of Forms, Fairy Tale Review, Octopus, Tarpaulin Sky, and elsewhere. She holds an MFA from UMass-Amherst and a PhD from the University of Denver. She currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

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